To use my presets for Adobe Lightroom, please make sure you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, and have installed the latest version of Lightroom (7.3 or higher).

If you currently do not have a Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription, you can try it for free here.


Once you complete your purchase, a download link will be sent to your email address.

Unzip the downloaded .zip file

  1. Open Lightroom

  2. Click ‘+’ in Lightroom’s “Preset” panel

  3. Select “Import Presets”

  4. Navigate to the unzipped .xmp presets and select them

  5. Wait for import to complete

  6. You should now see a folder titled “Zack Massey Presets” when you are in the develop module of Adobe Lightroom.

Using presets

For best results, shoot in raw mode and not jpeg. What a specific preset looks like on your photo will depend on many different variables.

Properly exposing your images will allow for the most about of dynamic rage, and give you the best results.

Not every preset will look good on every image. Try different ones, you’ll find something that works. Once you find a look you like, the first adjustments to make are to the white balance, exposure, highlights, and shadows.

If you have any issues, or need help installing the presets, shoot me a message here.