4 Tips to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Currently Instagram is the fastest growing social media network, and with so many people jumping on the platform on a daily basis the biggest questions are either, how do I get more likes or how do I grow my followers. Typically these things go hand in hand, because if you have a larger following your likes will increase.

I've been on the platform since it started so here are my 4 quick tips to help grow your followers base on Instagram.

#1) Use Proper Hashtags

There are basically 3 ways to filter content on Instagram, by person, location, or hashtag. The hashtag is basically a keyword for your image. If you take a photo of the sunset, then a general good hashtag would be #sunset, but hashtags can go way deeper than that.

Certain locations or groups might have specific hashtags that you could use to get your content discovered by new people. For instance in Nashville, TN, a hashtag that will help you get wide exposure is #NashvilleTN. Doing your homework and searching out the proper hashtags to use when making a post, can really increase the amount of people that your images are exposed to.

If you take a lot of images around the same topic, save the hashtags in your phone so you can easily copy and paste them into your new posts without having to re-type them every time.

#2) Use Other Social Networks

Once facebook purchased Instagram, they quickly killed the ability to see people you follow on twitter that also had an instagram account. Now the only social network this works with is facebook.

Don't assume that everyone you know on facebook that has an instagram account is following you, it's completely ok to promote your instagram account on facebook, twitter, snapchat, or any other social network you use. Making sure people realize you have an account is never a bad thing and gives you the opportunity to potentially reach new people.

#3) Engage With Users

Social networks have the word 'social' in them for a reason, you have to engage with people. If you just post photos and expect everyone to like and comment on your stuff, without you doing it in return to others - you are headed down a lonely path.

Engage with the people you follow, and seek out people you don't that post content you are interested in. You'd be really surprised at how many new followers you will get from people you don't know, just by liking a few of their photos. 

Please don't be the creepy guy and go like a girls photo from 46 weeks ago, that's just weird.

#4) Be Consistent 

You can do all of the items above, but if you are not publishing consistent good content, you might not only not gain any new follows - you could lose the ones you currently have. Posting new images that people want to see is the backbone of the platform. 

Find a style and look that works for you and stay in that lane. Accounts that post completely random, whatever I want type stuff are ones that people are less likely to follow.