Duck Dynasty Preaching

I love the show Duck Dynasty. I feel like you could drop part of my family in it, and the show would never skip a beat.

The show is a real breath of fresh air with all the trash that is on TV now days. They hold true a lot of the family values that most of us in the south have grown up accustomed to. The last shot at the end of every episode, always shows the entire family around the dinner table saying a prayer before eating. After watching the complete first season, I started doing a little bit more research on the individuals and family.

After looking around on YouTube, I came across something that completely blew me away. I found a 6 part video set from a message that Phil Robertson preached back in 2010 at a church in Pennsylvania. I have been going to church since I was born, I’ve heard thousands of messages. I’ve been blessed to hear some of the greatest preachers on the planet. I have never heard a more simple, direct, and caring message.

To be a man that has made a multi-million dollar business off making duck calls, that can do pretty much anything he wants, and to hear him preach a message like this is absolutely amazing.

I took the 6 parts and put them together into one message. It’s just the audio, but you don’t need anymore then that.

If you love the show, and could just hear these guys talk all day long then take some time out and listen to this.

If you’re someone that is like, yeah this church and Jesus thing isn’t for me, do me a favor and at least give this a chance. You’re going to hear him say things and explain it in a way you’ve never heard before.

Basically if you have a pulse, I think you should take some time our and listen to this. You’ll laugh, be challenged, and in the end I truly believe you’ll be changed.



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