Prepare for 2012

2011 didn’t go like I planned.

Isn’t it funny how we “plan” things, and it never goes like we plan.

I didn’t plan on ever leaving NewSpring Church. Ever.

I didn’t plan on leaving my family and friends.

I didn’t plan on moving to Nashville.

I didn’t plan on the break-up.

I didn’t plan on having to go to the funeral.

I didn’t plan on buying a new car.

I didn’t plan on having to make new friends.

I didn’t plan on having the argument that ruined the friendship.

I didn’t plan on the extra expenses.

I didn’t plan on any of it.

Don’t plan for 2012. Prepare.

Prepare for the unexpected.

Prepare everyday.

Prepare where your able to finically handle the unexpected expense.

Prepare to say I’m sorry.

Prepare for people to let you down.

Prepare to love when it’s hard.

Prepare to be strong when you want to be weak.

Prepare to have your heart broken.

Prepare for change.

Life never comes easy, but it always comes fast.

Mentally, emotionally, and financially prepare.

Preparation looks different for everyone, but whatever that is for you. Do it.


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