You Be Jesus …

“You be Jesus. Let God be God”

This quote has stuck with me all week. It was the title of the message that Holly Furtick brought at Elevation Church this past weekend. It has impacted me so much, and because of that I wanted to take a minute and break down what she said. Then show you how I’ve practically applied it to my life.

You be Jesus. Let God be God. The real world example she used in the message was in reference to her two boys. She said she was trying to get her boys out the door, and asked them to put their shoes on. She then heard her boys fighting in their playroom, walked downstairs and neither of them have their shoes on. Then they look at each other and one says to her, Graham doesn’t have his shoes on. She looks at him and says, well you don’t have your shoes on either. You worry about what I told you to do, you obey mommy and I’ll worry about your brother. You let me be the mommy and you be the brother.

We allow this exact thing to happen in our relationships with people. We go, but God, he’s not doing this right or she isn’t doing that right! Maybe we see someone in life that has more then we think they should, or isn’t living a life that we would approve of, but they have more then we do. We again go, but God, he or she isn’t doing this or that but they have all these things.

What God is trying to say to us is, you don’t worry about them, you be Jesus. You let me be God. You obey me, and love people the way that I have commanded you. Then let me work on that person and do my part. We need to focus on what God is telling us to do and not worry about everything that is going on around us. In the end we are only 100% accountable to us, not anyone else.

Where this landed with me was, in my life I find it really easy to get frustrated with people and want to use other people’s actions to justify my own. It’s the “Well I only did that because so and so did this … ” or maybe it’s “I said this or that to someone but they completely deserved it, did you hear what they said to me? ..” That is the 100% wrong way to approach any friendship or relationship that is going on in our lives. God is telling us, you obey me and be Jesus to people. You love them like I have command you to love them, and then I’ll deal with the rest.

Since hearing this message on Monday, I have taken a 180 in the way I look at everything I do and say. I have been extremely intentional about thinking before I speak, and even the conversations I get involved in. Are we going to mess up? Absolutely. That’s where the grace and mercy of God comes in. We are all a work in progress and will always come short. A change in your heart and the way you approach all situations can make the way you respond in your friendships and relationships completely different. It will make them easier and much less stressful.

Where does this land with you? Do you need to take a look at your heart and change the way you react to people, and the words that you speak into your relationships? It might just be the catalyst they need.

The entire message is unbelievable, you can watch the whole thing here. I strongly suggest watching all the messages in this series, especially if your single.



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